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How Can a Ruptured Breast Implant be Fixed?

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When a woman undergoes breast augmentation surgery, the goal is to achieve fuller, perkier breasts. However, complications like a rupture can still occur. While ruptures are not common, they can cause unwanted side effects if not addressed by a professional plastic surgeon.

Forma Plastic Surgery can perform breast revision surgery (also known as breast implant exchange) to repair a rupture. This involves removing the old implants and replacing them with new ones.

If you notice a change in your breast appearance or suspect a rupture, contact us to schedule a consultation. We can evaluate your breasts and discuss possible treatment options in Scottsdale, AZ.

What causes a breast implant rupture?

There are several possible causes of an implant rupture, including:

  • Trauma: Modern breast implants are more durable than ever, but the force from trauma (like a car accident) can still cause them to rupture.

  • Capsular contracture: This condition causes scar tissue to harden and squeezes the implant, causing it to break.

  • Weakened shell: The outer shell of an implant may weaken over time due to age, eventually leading to a rupture.

Symptoms of a ruptured implant

Signs of a breast implant rupture vary depending on the type of implant involved and how long it has been ruptured. With a saline implant, you may notice a sudden change in breast size as your body safely absorbs the saltwater solution.

Since silicone implants are made of a gel-like material—not liquid—a rupture does not always deflate the breast. In fact, some women do not experience any symptoms at all.

If you do have symptoms, they may include:

  • A change in breast size or shape

  • Pain or tenderness in the breast

  • Swelling or inflammation in the breast

  • A lump in the breast

  • A change in nipple sensation

Scottsdale, AZ patients should see a board-certified plastic surgeon at Forma Plastic Surgery if they experience any changes to the breast. Our team can perform an examination to confirm a rupture and develop a surgical plan to correct the issue.

What happens during a breast revision surgery

The treatment for a ruptured implant is to have it removed and replaced with a new one. Breast revision is an outpatient surgery and can be performed under general anesthesia.

First, the surgeon makes an incision to access the implant. The old implant is removed, and our team will make any necessary changes to the pocket (like removing scar tissue). The new implant is then inserted, and the incisions are closed.

After surgery, you may experience soreness and swelling that should improve as your body heals. The final results should be visible once fully healed, which can take up to several months.

Other reasons for a breast implant exchange

A breast implant exchange is a versatile procedure used to address a number of concerns. For example, some women want to exchange a smaller implant for a larger one or vice versa. Others opt to have their implants removed entirely due to personal preferences. In any case, our team knows how to create favorable results. We can discuss your goals and expectations during a consultation.

Revise your implants

A ruptured implant can cause side effects that impact your health and quality of life. If you suspect a rupture, call Forma Plastic Surgery to schedule an assessment in Scottsdale, AZ. We can evaluate your breasts and discuss the details of breast revision surgery. Our team is here to help you achieve the beautiful, long-lasting results you deserve.

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