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Three Reasons Why a Tummy Tuck Makes Sense for You

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A tummy tuck is a surgery that improves the appearance of the abdomen and waistline. It works by removing excess skin and fat from the middle while tightening the underlying tissue. The result is a slimmer stomach that may be more proportionate with the rest of your body.

Below, the board-certified plastic surgeons at Forma Plastic Surgery discuss three reasons why a tummy tuck procedure, or abdominoplasty, could be the best way to get the flatter, toned abdomen you desire. Call our office to schedule a tummy tuck consultation with our team in Scottsdale, AZ.

1. Get your pre-pregnancy body back

Pregnancy causes your body to go through significant changes. Among these are the expansion of the skin and abdominal muscles. After you give birth, you might find that your belly still looks a little pregnant. This may be due to separated abdominal muscles (also known as diastasis recti). The skin may also develop a saggy appearance.

When performed by a professional at Forma Plastic Surgery, abdominoplasty can make you look and feel like your pre-pregnancy self. During the procedure, we tighten the separated muscles and remove excess skin from the stomach area. This creates a firmer midsection that appears slimmer and more contoured.

2. Enhance your contours after weight loss

Major weight loss can also leave you with loose skin around your belly. When the skin becomes excessively saggy or droopy, it can cause problems with chafing and rashes. Extra skin folds may affect your mobility or prevent you from wearing fitted clothes.

A tummy tuck procedure in Scottsdale, AZ can address loose or excess skin that makes you feel self-conscious after weight loss. Our team knows how to improve the shape of your waistline and create a more attractive, hourglass appearance. This procedure is a wonderful choice for people who want to finally enjoy the results of their weight loss.

3. Reduce small fat pockets

Some people have small fat deposits that can't be removed through diet and exercise alone. These stubborn areas may be caused by factors like pregnancy, weight loss, or even genetics. If you are near your goal weight but still have pockets of fat in the abdomen, a tummy tuck procedure at Forma Plastic Surgery could help you achieve the look you want.

During abdominoplasty, our experienced plastic surgeons remove small pockets of fat around the abdomen before removing the excess skin. Liposuction can make your newly tightened stomach look even more natural and proportional to the rest of your body.

What happens during a tummy tuck consultation?

A consultation is the best time to discuss your medical history as well as any questions or concerns you may have with our staff. No matter your reason for wanting surgery, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make a confident decision moving forward. Our goal is to ensure your tummy tuck meets your cosmetic goals and fulfills all your expectations.

Contour your belly with a tummy tuck

Do you want a flatter tummy? The board-certified plastic surgeons at Forma Plastic Surgery specialize in abdominoplasty and liposuction procedures in Scottsdale, AZ. Whether you want to regain your pre-pregnancy body, enhance your post-weight loss contours, or reduce stubborn fat deposits, we can help. Call to schedule a tummy tuck consultation and learn what we can do for you.

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